Group Therapy & Family Involvement

Two areas we get a lot of questions about are group therapy and family involvement. While both inspire a lot of preconceptions and hesitations, they often end up being the most important source of answers and support our clients need to recover.

Group Therapy

The founders of AA discovered the usefulness of group therapy way back in 1935, and it has since become a standard component of most treatment programs. The reason: it works. While the methods and techniques used in group therapy have evolved over the years, the basic concepts of sharing, supporting and learning from others in similar circumstances are as central and relevant to recovery as ever. Group therapy has special relevance in treating substance use disorders, as it addresses relationship and interpersonal issues that are so often contributing factors.

Family Involvement

Families are deeply important to recovery. They are inevitably linked to the problem, so addressing their role in the recovery process is paramount. We explore the complexities of love and family thoroughly during treatment, not as somewhere to place blame or responsibility, but to find answers that can enlighten the path to recovery.

We encourage our clients to seek the help and support of family members and friends if at all possible. Given the opportunity, they can and should play a vital, positive role in the recovery process.