Primary Therapist

Many of us were never helped to identify and experience our full range of emotions. When emotions are not understood and put into words they get discharged through action, usually in ways which are detrimental to our wellbeing. Depression, anxiety, impulsivity, and addiction are some of the harmful ways these emotions get enacted. My goal is to create a relationship with the client in which these emotions can be explored and integrated, which results in greater freedom to meet life's challenges and enjoy life's gifts.

After a career in electrical engineering, I decided to switch my focus from working with computers to working with people. As I progressed through my training, I became fascinated by the potential benefits of two (or more) people talking together with a certain kind of presence, attention, and responsiveness. I completed my Social Work education in 2017 at the University at Buffalo. I have experience working in both chemical dependency and community mental health clinics. I draw on and integrate various schools of thought in my work with clients, including psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, relational, attachment-based, person-centered, and cognitive-behavioral theories and techniques.

In my free time I enjoy reading, movies, walking, and occasionally running.