Primary Therapist

I began my employment at Westfall Associates in 2009 after completing my graduate degree in Social Work at Syracuse University. I graduated as a "non-traditional" student with a desire to add a second fulfilling career to my professional life after having worked in public accounting for many years. I am very fortunate in that I get pleasure from and am able to pursue both on a part time basis.

Before joining Westfall Associates, I gained valuable clinical experience while working for Seneca County for two years in their chemical dependency and mental health clinics. In my dual roles in the County facility, I worked with chemically dependent and mentally ill clients on an individual basis as well as in groups. This opportunity provided an excellent foundation for the work I am involved with at Westfall Associates.

Currently at Westfall Associates I provide services as a primary therapist and facilitator of one of the Dual Focus Groups. I am passionate and care deeply about working with the clients of Westfall Associates. It is an honor to join in the journey of self discovery and recovery of our clients. Through this work, as well as being supported by the Westfall clinical team, I hope to continue to grow in my role here.

Outside of work I am an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy many seasonal activities including running, skiing and water activities. I also like to cook, read and practice yoga. Finally, I am blessed and keep very busy with a wonderful family.