Behavioral Health Nurse Therapist

I began my working career many years ago in human services after graduating from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree. After working for a while in this field I decided to return to nursing school. I have been working as a registered nurse for about 20 years.

My nursing experience began on an inpatient adult oncology/hematology unit in Syracuse, NY. I loved working with the oncology patients and their families. I truly admired the gallantry and courage in the face of their “ultimate life crisis”.

I moved to the Rochester area in the mid-nineties and worked on a similar unit in a small community hospital not only with oncology patients but also a large number of medical/surgical patients.  I added the behavioral health component to my experience base about 10 years ago. I began on an inpatient behavioral health unit for adolescents and worked there for about 5 years and then transferred to an inpatient adult medical/ behavioral health unit working with patients who have a medical diagnosis and often a concordant psychiatric diagnosis or chemical addiction issue.  I am very grateful for the wealth of experience I gained in those positions but also to have been able to meet and work with people taking such positive steps towards recovery.

I joined Westfall Associates in the fall of 2012 and look forward to many new and rewarding experiences here.

Outside of work I enjoy reading, gardening, volunteer work and spending time with my family.