Clinical Director

I am happy to have joined Westfall Associates in a full time role in October 2005. My history with Westfall dates to 1991, shortly after I had relocated to the Rochester area after having been Coordinator of the Chemical Addiction Recovery Services at Benjamin Rush Center (CARES) and then Director of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) of Warren, Washington and Saratoga Counties, Inc. As a part time team member in 1991 I had the privilege of starting the Men's Issues Recovery Group. In 1993 I transitioned from Westfall to become Director of The Health Association Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Subsequently I held a variety of senior leadership positions with The Health Association and then DePaul. Serving people and their families affected by chemical use and mental health issues is the central focus of my work and it has been the greatest privilege to witness people successfully addressing these challenging life issues.

As Clinical Director I inform people in the community about the high quality services here at Westfall, participate with the clinical team, and contribute to our continuing growth as an innovative guide along the pathway to change. It is very exciting to be able to apply my clinical, management, and business experience to benefit our participants, to bring new clients to our services, and to develop new initiatives at Westfall Associates.

In addition to my professional endeavors, I am lucky to have two bright and creative young adult sons, Taylor and Nathan. Both are musicians, artists and are well versed in technology. My wife Mary Sanderson is a certified tobacco treatment counselor and we enjoy family activities, gardening and walking/hiking on a regular basis. My professional and personal life is influenced by my ordination as a cherag (minister) of Universal Worship with an additional ordination as a healing minister. My leisure interests include pets, a variety of sports, T'ai Ji, yoga, travel, and reading.