Treatment Options

We are an outpatient provider of substance abuse and dependency services, which means our clients live at home or somewhere else, and can still go to work or attend school while attending our program. Outpatient programs are generally a good first option when considering treatment, as they are the least intensive, less expensive and may be all that is needed. In emergency situations like overdose or severe withdrawal, or if a person is extremely dependent or highly unstable, other treatment options such as inpatient or residential programs would likely be more appropriate. In those cases, a person would begin an outpatient program after completing a higher level of care.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other “twelve step” or self help programs work well for certain people, and they are free. We encourage our clients to attend meetings on a regular basis both during and after treatment, for the support structure they provide and the shared goals and experiences of the members.

To learn more about AA and NA, try the following links:

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