Health and Recovery

Long-term recovery from a substance use disorder is bigger than achieving abstinence; it involves recovering and maintaining one's overall health, recovering oneself. One major reason people seek self-medication with alcohol and drugs is that certain aspects of themselves have been wounded, neglected, or never fully developed. Unfortunately this can create difficult cycles to break.

Our belief is that each aspect of overall health is interrelated, and improvements in one area will lead to improvements in others. For example, better physical health will often result in healthier thinking patterns and even better relationships. Keeping oneself in balance is an important challenge for all human beings, and particularly relevant for those in recovery.

We help our clients develop strategies to focus on areas of overall health that could provide opportunities to strengthen and sustain their recovery, and improve their health and well-being. We incorporate this whole person approach throughout treatment, and offer services such as smoking cessation, stress management and nutritional counseling to support our clients' healthy recovery.

"One way to view recovery is a personal rebuilding process, from inside ourselves to how we interact with the world"