Chronic Pain Management

Many people have been prescribed medications at one time or another to ease post-surgical pain or to deal with pain from an injury. While usually intended for short-term use, sometimes conditions may require longer recovery periods or persist indefinitely. The extended use of commonly prescribed opioids such as Hydrocodone, Oxycontin and Percocet for chronic pain symptoms can pose serious risks of tolerance, abuse and dependence.

While these drugs are very effective at easing or eliminating physical pain, they can also have the effect of making one feel good emotionally, which for some people makes it difficult to stop taking these medications. Like any other chronic substance use disorder, dependence on pain medications will progressively begin to control decision making, affect relationships, energy and slowly debilitate health and functionality.

Our chronic pain management program recognizes that there are physical and emotional components involved with dependence on pain medications, and both need to be addressed for a successful recovery. With a team comprised of medical and behavioral health professionals, we work closely with our patients' doctors to safely manage the physical and emotional aspects of withdrawal and the pain symptoms that may persist, and help our clients find strategies for managing their pain and their life free from drug dependence.