Our Mission Statement


To provide high quality, innovative and comprehensive treatment by a multi-disciplinary team to those affected by chemical abuse and dependence and mental illness in a caring, empathetic and professional manner, by assessing clients in a manner that helps them develop a life plan which is satisfying, effective, and in concert with their ability and talent.

President's Message

"Helping people overcome addiction and discover new meaning, direction and satisfaction in their lives has been our passion for over 25 years. I attribute our long-term success to putting the needs of our clients and their families first, to being flexible and open to change as new discoveries are made in the treatment of substance use disorders, and above all, to our caring, dedicated and talented team of professionals who embody our mission everyday. This website is for anyone who has been touched by substance abuse and addiction, to give them important information, answer some questions, and to let them know they are not alone...that hope, help and support is available to them."

                                                                                       - Jeff Smith, President